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CROP MONITORING. A drone can take centimetre level images and traverse the whole field rather than just the perimeter. Using a multi-spectral sensor, the camera can get up close and monitor things that even the expert eye can’t detect, such as moisture, plant health, stress level, as well as things like crop density, contour problems and plant height.

PLANTING AND SPRAYING. Drone planting systems are being developed that could reduce planting costs by up to 85% in developed countries. Drones equipped with sprayers can use ultrasonic echoing devices and lasers to measure distances with even more precision. This means that high-value crops are planted more effectively, less pesticides are required and the job is completed faster.

WATER AND SOIL ANALYSIS. Drones equipped with 3D mapping equipment can even provide data on soil fertility and help detect deficiencies in mineral content. Farmers can plot their crop rotation based on precise soil analysis and early detection; which means less dependence on, and more precise use of pesticides and fertilisers.

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